It all began with the breath and shall cease to be without it.

In this age of information overload , lack of focus and little attention spans it’s too tough to keep the Mind in present. Mind wanders to the past and dreams of the future , hardly staying in the present. Breathing is what will keep it in the moment and enjoy the world and the life that we are blessed with. It is the breath of fresh air and the rising and falling of the diaphragm that fills our lungs and brings to the mind divine calm. The focus on the within and the focus on each breath , feeling the Way it enters our body , travels inside deep down to the navel , and exits out of the body leaving us filled with joy , abundance, radiance. Focusing on our Breath is the key to serenity and its a great tool to begin Meditation practice. One must try to take deep breaths at regular intervals to ward off stress during a busy day at work .
I found the website by Leo Babauta particularly helpful in becoming more mindful and zen-like , hope its helpful to you too , .

Have a great day , Breathe !!


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